“Nancy radiates love and positivity. She has a gift for speaking clearly, genuinely, and enthusiastically to children to encourage interaction. From the feedback from our audiences during her live performances and from comments we received/number of views her video gained during our virtual festivals, it is obvious that Nancy enraptures children with her calm and reassuring presence, her life-affirming perspective, her natural smile, and her beautiful, fun music.

-Marie Zimmerman, Executive Director, Hillside Festival

“Nancy’s music and lyrics are perfect for preschoolers and preschool teachers alike. The kids love the catchy tunes. As a teacher, I love that I don’t have to choreograph actions to go along with the songs–It’s a win-win! We often find ourselves singing or humming Music by Nancy long after class is over.”

—Jamie White, Founder of Play To Learn Preschool and Virtual Preschool

“Nancy is a wonderful musician who incorporates her immense knowledge of child development into her singing and songwriting. She understands that music is an important vehicle to help kids understand their minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits. I highly recommend her work!”

–Dr. Marilyn Price Mitchell, PhD, Developmental Psychologist, Speaker, Columnist at Psychology Today, Founder of Roots of Action

“Nancy has a true gift for creating music and lyrics that are entertaining, educational, and easy to memorize. She is an authentic, charismatic, and inspiring musician, teacher, and person.”

—Maria Kennedy and Ben Mazzotta, producer/director of TVOKids’ series “Canada Crew”

“I am thrilled that Nancy’s educational music is incorporated into our childcare centres across Canada and the United States.”

—Victoria Sopik, CEO, Kids and Company

“Nancy’s passion for music and young children are clearly evident in her wonderful songs! My students love every song of Nancy’s that I’ve introduced to them!”

—Deborah J. Stewart, Early Childhood Education specialist, Teach Preschool

“I can’t recommend the beautiful work of Nancy Kopman enough! Her music encompasses what a growing child needs: love, encouragement, hope and joyful connections. Her music is a gift to the world. “

–Mona Delahooke, PhD, Clinical psychologist, speaker and author, “Beyond Behaviors”

“Nancy’s music inspires children to think, listen, and learn. Each song conveys an important message. Children love music – but they especially love Nancy’s music because she herself is so caring, talented, and enthusiastic.”

–Joanne Foster, EdD, Gifted education specialist, speaker and author, “Beyond Intelligence”, “The ABCs of Raising Smarter Kids”

“As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I enjoy using Nancy’s music in therapy sessions. Nancy’s songs are amazing for the concepts and vocabulary they introduce to young children, and are a wonderful addition to my therapy toolbox. Thank you so much, Nancy, for sharing your talents!”

–Tali Kellerstein, Speech Language Pathologist, Founder of “The Speak Boutique” and Author of speech development resource,  “Party Animals”