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“Nancy has a true gift for creating music and lyrics that are entertaining, educational, and easy to memorize. She is an authentic, charismatic, and inspiring musician, teacher, and person.”
—Maria Kennedy and Ben Mazzotta, Little Engine Moving Pictures Production Company

“I am thrilled that Nancy’s educational music is incorporated into our childcare centres across Canada and the United States.”
—Victoria Sopik, CEO, Kids and Company

“Nancy’s music provides a joyful way for children to learn and gain awareness of the sensory world around them.”
—Joanne Foster, Ed.D., educator/author, “Beyond Intelligence”

“Nancy’s songs teach many concepts and promote listening skills. They’re fun and engaging, and I enjoy teaching my own students these songs.”
—Deborah J. Stewart, Early Childhood Education specialist and blogger, “Teach Preschool”

“We use Nancy’s songs during circle time, and we seriously cannot get enough of them. I have all 4 of her albums, and we adore them all!”
—Katie T. Christiansen, Early Childhood Educator and blogger, “Preschool Inspirations”

“If you’re looking for music for kids, I really, really like Nancy’s songs. They’re fun, uplifting, lots of educational content….as you’re singing you’re learning. I like the melodies and the tunes—no high pitched “baby voices”…just nice and natural. Something parents will really like as well. Big thumbs up!”
—Maggy Woodley, blogger and YouTubber, “Red Ted Art”

“Superlatives are not nearly enough to describe this most talented teacher and musician. Nancy is truly ‘one of a kind’.”
—Dalia Eisen, private school director/principal

“Nancy captivates children’s attention, and her enthusiasm is outstanding. She is a wonderful teacher, and it was a pleasure having her as a musical guest at our school.”
—Queenie Spindel, private school director/principal

“Nancy has the magic touch. She keeps kids mesmerized while engaging parents/caregivers. The classes she led that I attended with my granddaughters were the best part of my week.”
—Rose Reisman, TV host, author

“The pride, commitment and love Nancy puts into her work captures the joy and happiness of children of all ages. Keep shining, Nancy!”
—Cindy Leder, vice principal

“Nancy’s songs are catchy, educational and a whole lot of fun. It was wonderful to see all of the children moving and dancing with joy when she played!”
—Nicola Dufficy, Festival Director, Word On The Street, Toronto

“As a paediatric speech pathologist, I appreciate Nancy’s emphasis on language and vocabulary development in her songs. “
—J.W., parent

“The only thing that is guaranteed to stop my children from crying is Nancy’s music. It’s ‘Music With Nancy’ 24/7 at our house. I’m not kidding.”
—N.V., parent

“All of my children have learned words, patterns, counting and all kinds of information from Nancy’s music. She is the BEST!”
—L.L., parent

“From a parent’s perspective, Nancy’s music is different from the ‘typical’ songs you are used to hearing. Her work is pleasant and catchy. You’ll be singing along and enjoying it yourself!”
—L.C., parent

“I often find myself humming Nancy’s music to myself when I’m jogging or working out…even after I drop my kids off, I always catch myself continuing to listen to her music! I love it!”
—M.B., Kindergarten teacher and parent

“Nancy knows what children love, and understands exactly how to make them get up and move…my own kids’ faces light up when they hear her music come on—we always wind up having a dance party together!”
—M.B., elementary school teacher and parent

“Your songs are not only fun, but full of education. My older children now know their continents, oceans, provinces, planets and the backwards alphabet because of you. Grateful for the music you have brought into our home!”
—N.T., parent

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