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Character Traits: Big Words and Big Meaning!

January 6, 2019

Many elementary schools incorporate programming that builds character awareness and development into their programming, and focus on 10 specific traits:

Courage,   honesty,   responsibility,   respect,   empathy, initiative,   fairness,   optimism,   perseverance   and integrity.

Educators typically focus on a different trait each month. Awards are often handed out to students who demonstrate these traits in their daily interactions with fellow students. This is such a great way to change the way we think about ourselves and each other as we build and value our community!

New childrden's music from Nancy Kopman

Album #5 From children’s musical educator Nancy Kopman: “Senses” – 15 brand new songs!

“Character Traits” is track 10 on my 5th album of educational children’s music, “Senses” (2019).

Use this song to remind children of these 10 important traits that, when learned and practised, build 🎶”…supportive, compassionate, understanding and inclusive communities.” 🎶

Here’s the full song and video, from my YouTube channel, “Music With Nancy”.

Show your “initiative” (haha) by “liking” the video–and if you have the “courage” (sorry, last one) to comment with your opinion of the song, I love hearing your “honesty” (I should really show more “empathy” towards my readers, shouldn’t I?)

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