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New Children’s Music from Nancy Kopman – “Senses”

January 2, 2019

15 Brand New Songs!

Meaningful “Music With a Purpose” For Children 0-10

It’s been 3 years since my 4th album, “Shadow” was released, and I’m excited to share these 15 brand-new songs with educators, parents and caregivers who follow my work in educational children’s music.

new children's music from Nancy Kopman

15 Brand new songs for children!


As of Jan 2, you can find this album wherever you get your music online- iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or YouTube. Get the songs separately or grab the whole album.

Take the album for a test drive! Listen to the song clips here:



Like all of my albums,“Senses” has songs for babies, toddlers AND older children, so your little ones can grow with my music.


Bounce along with your baby to “Horses”  . Little horses “trot-a-trot-trot”, medium horses “gallop and gallop”. Build the excitement to the big finish: Great big horses “JUMP so high!”. I can tell you from first hand experience that babies just love anticipating those great big horses.

Shake a parachute to “Shake, Shake, Shake”.  If you work with a parachute, scarves or just want to get babies moving, this song is timed perfectly for little ones. Learn about what “shake”, “up”, “down” and “stop” mean as the music guides you through these actions.


Routine-enhancing songs like “A Welcome Song”, Everybody Line Up”, and “I’m Washing My Hands” are easy to learn and chant together as you move through your daily transitions.


Many of the songs on this album reflect the changes I’m noticing in the evolution of the values we are embracing in educating and parenting. Nurturing emotional development/regulation, self-esteem and being a good person are themes you will notice I’ve weaved into songs like “It’s a Mistake”, “Hard Feelings”, “I Feel Happy” and “Character Traits”. Sometimes, the best lessons are that everyone feels the things we feel, and that we aren’t alone in either hard feelings or wanting to enjoy just being happy.


“Stop and appreciate, let all the positive in…” is a lyric from my song, “Wonderful You”.  I have always believed that nature is something we need to teach children to appreciate as early as we can–so I’ve written “Butterfly” to gently remind children that even though it’s exciting to be close to the little things in nature, watching, observing and appreciating creatures as they live freely is more important than trying to capture them for our own entertainment. This is my way of teaching children that respect for ourselves and each other begins with how we treat insects and animals.


Teachers regularly ask for songs their students can sing during special events/assemblies, so I offer you “Character Traits” , which lists 10 different attributes like courage, honesty responsibility, respect and empathy (among others) that “…help build caring, strong, safe and inclusive communities.” 

Many public and private schools focus on learning a different character trait each month during the school year, and celebrate students who demonstrate these traits. This song is a great way to go through and remember each one of them.

For those who are looking for a non-denominational song for a winter assembly, try  “A Winter Song”, which reminds us that “…in some parts of the world winter is cold, with icicles and frost and winter clothes…”, and lists some of the attributes that make winter so beautiful and magical.

I’m planning to have a few “listening parties” in my Facebook group, where I will tell you more about these brand new songs, so come join the party HERE.

As always, I hope my music brings you many meaningful moments together!

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