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Learn To Spell With A Song: “You’re” and “They’re”

August 16, 2016

You're going to spell with "You're There"

Learn to spell these tricky words properly with a song!

Whether “you’re” learning to spell in English, a parent teaching “your” children, a teacher introducing  students to “their” spelling lesson or a child learning that “there” are different way to spell, “you’re” going to love this song and video that teach the correct spelling of six words that only SOUND like “they’re” two different words.

My fourth educational children’s music album, “Shadow”, brings you (and “yours”)  “You’re There”: A song that teaches the correct spelling and use of “your”, “you’re”, “yore”, “their”, “they’re” and “their”.

If you can learn alphabetical order from “The Alphabet Song”, “you’re” going to have no trouble learning the correct spelling of these commonly misspelled words using  “You’re There”!

Your belonging to you is “y-o-u-r”

You Are: “y-o-u-apostrophe-r-e”

And there’s another “yore” meaning “long, long ago”

….and that “yore” is spelled “y-o-r-e”

If “their” belongs to them, “t-h-e-i-r”

“They Are”: “t-h-e-y-apostrophe-r-e”

And if it’s over there or it’s under there you’ll see

That “there” is spelled “t-h-e-r-e”

…and there you are, they’re spelled that way….you’re there!


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