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Songs That Teach Specific Information

May 22, 2016

Songs that teach specific information

Songs that teach specific information

Early Childhood Educators agree that activities that are genuinely enjoyed by children promote learning. Building with lego, experimenting with playdough, organizing games and listening to music, for example, provide children with learning experiences that create connections in the brain and contribute to a strong foundation of knowledge.

Knowing that my musical melodies are enjoyable for children is of paramount importance to me–my goal is to capture their attention with music, so that they will absorb the concepts and information embedded within my songs naturally and easily.

Short, to-the-point lyrics, paired with catchy musical “hooks” easily teach specific information to babies, toddlers and young children, whether the focus is the vowels or all 50 United States. We have all had a melody stick in our minds at one time or another, and know that once a melody sticks, the lyrics/content stick along with it…the more you think about it, the longer it sticks!

Whether you’re a teacher using these songs to teach at  Circle Time or a parent/caregiver playing them in the car, I guarantee that your little ones will easily absorb the information embedded within my catchy, easy-to-learn songs.

Songs With Videos That Easily Teach Specific Information to Babies, Toddlers and Young Children:

Easily teach specific geographical information with these 3 GEOGRAPHY SONGS that really stick.  Elementary students: Get ready to get an A+, if you plan to use these songs to help you study:

#1: “The 7 Continents, 5 Oceans”, from the album, “The Seasons”:

#2: “The Canada Song”, from the album,  “Wonderful You”:

#3: “The USA Song”, from the album, “Shadow”:

CALENDAR-THEMED SONGS With Videos that also REINFORCE READING SKILLS–Follow along with the words as they appear on the screen:

#1: “The Seven Days of the Week”,  from  “Shadow”:

#2:“12 Months”, from “Shadow”:

#3: “What’s The Weather”, from “Wonderful You”:


Teach young children to memorize the names of THE PLANETS, from Mercury to Neptune, with my “Planets, Planets” song, from the album, “I Know I’ll Grow….”:

Toddlers and young children will always remember the VOWELS when you teach this song (which includes “Y”, even though it can be both a consonant and a vowel), from the album, “The Seasons”:

The BACKWARDS ALPHABET, teaches alphabetical order in reverse. From the album, “Wonderful You”:

For babies and toddlers who are learning words that apply to the world around them, try this song that easily teaches the 5 FINGERS, which names “Thumb”, “Index”, “Middle”, “Ring” and “Pinky”, and assigns numbers 1-5 to each, counting forwards and backwards (This song is from the album, “Shadow”):

Teach the correct spelling of  “your”, “you’re”, “yore”, “their”, “they’re” and “there” with YOU’RE THERE, from “Shadow”:

Teach what the different traffic signals mean with “TRAFFIC LIGHTS”, from “Wonderful You”:


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Other Downloadable Songs That Easily Teach Specific Information to Babies, Toddlers and Young Children:

(These links all point to, but you can also download my songs/albums from iTunes here).

  1. Right and Left (identifying and practising which side is which)
  2. Count to 7, Count to 11 (forwards and backwards counting)
  3. 1,2,3 (counting on fingers and toes for babies/toddlers)
  4. The Moon (our natural satellite goes around the Earth each month, 12 months for the Earth to go around the sun)
  5. In Front/Behind
  6. Please Take Care of the Water (names for different bodies of water)
  7. The Bathtub and Hello, Hello (body parts)
  8. Seasons

“Music Reaches….Music Teaches!”

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