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Sing The Canada Song for Canada’s 150th–and Learn about Canada!

November 23, 2014

provinces territories canada song

The 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada, from “The Canada Song”, by Nancy Kopman

Canadians are singing about Canada’s 150th “birthday”…but can you sing “The Canada Song”?

My suggestion for making learning about Canada fun for young children? A song (and video) that helps them remember the names of the provinces and territories! I can guarantee that you’ll be singing it, too!

Music makes remembering things SO much easier…and this video accompaniment to “The Canada Song”, from my album, “Wonderful You”, catapults learning and comprehension to a whole new level!

Brett Lamb  treats us all to his vibrant animation and art in the video for this song, which goes through the 10 provinces and 3 territories in a fun, colourful and memorable way.

This song is a popular teaching tool for classrooms around the world, and has helped numerous kids “ace” their geography tests–as you’ll see from the comments on my YouTube channel.

The Canada Song is the Theme Song to “The Canada Crew” on TVOKids!

The Canada Song is featured on the TVOntarioKids series, “The Canada Crew”, where Bebe the Beaver and Mo the Moose take young children on a journey across Canada and sing songs that help them learn about Canada. (You’ll see Nancy appear in one of the episodes, where she sings “Oh Canada” with Bebe and Mo, too!) 

If you enjoy this song, check out the rest of the album on iTunes!

More geography songs/videos by Nancy Kopman: “The USA Song”, from “Shadow” and “The 7 Continents, 5 Oceans”, from “The Seasons”

Supplement learning about maps/geography with these useful teaching ideas from Living Montessori Now!

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  1. Love it, Nancy! Such a beautiful way to add music to geography, and the video is fantastic to boot!

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